Object Lister

The object lister organizes data into system pre-defined Section Nodes. The major attributes of visibility, selection and locked status are described below.



Node is visible

Node is invisible, or its parent group node is invisible. Context menu is not available.

Node is locked for transformation

Node lock is not set  by user, treated as unlocked. Node can be moved

Node is unlocked; it can be moved.

Scan data is visible and loaded. The scandata icon is not greyed out.

Scan data is visible but unloaded from memory. So data can not be seen in 3D view, but some operations such as Optimized node will run on this node.

Scan data is both invisible and unloaded

Example of Section node, created by system in upper case letters. All properties of group node apply, but can not be transformed.

Clicking icon will cycle through panoramic views of terrestrial scans